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A friend in need
Date du début: 1 févr. 2016, Date de fin: 31 juil. 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

A friend in need" is a KA1 action, EVS.Hosting organization is 'World without borders' in Belarus while sending and coordinating organization is Kreatív Tér Közhasznú Non-profit Kft.It involves one volunteer spending one year in Belarus in the organization 'World without borders'. The volunteer, who is already been selected, was the one choosing the hosting country and organization and involving the sending organization.The project will bring an EVS volunteer to Belarus to give Belarusians a chance to encounter and deal with plurality at home and to collaborate with a person of different ethnicity and culture in social projects that have an impact on the local. The activities of the organization bring together children and young people with mental and physical disabilities, teenagers in conflict with the law from various regions of the country, and young people who don’t have much access to suchlike activities in their home towns, in distant rural areas, who do not have an idea what non-formal learning and face disability, social obstacles, economic obstacles, educational difficulties, health problems, geographical obstacles.The work in Charitable Public Association “World without Borders” is versatile and extensive. Nevertheless, the main focus of the volunteer’s project will be assistance to the teenagers in conflict with the law. The volunteer will dedicate his service on the topics of youth work, inclusion, access for disadvantaged. The main objectives of the activities of the project are to strengthen the inclusion of young people with fewer opportunities into the society and the role of volunteers and youth workers as support structures for young people, to promote social inclusion and solidarity, active citizenship, intercultural dialogue, to foster quality improvements in youth work. The project objectives reflect also the objectives and priorities of Erasmus+ programme: respect for such values as human dignity, equality, non-discrimination, tolerance, justice and solidarity. Proposed activities include: free time activities, sport events and competitions, summer camps and gatherings for teenagers in conflict with the law; fundraising campaigns; work with local pool of volunteers and promotion of volunteering movement; activities on intercultural learning.During the service the volunteer will get the opportunity to acquire and develop knowledge, skills, and attitudes that will help him find personal fulfilment and, later in life, find work and take part in society - 8 key competences recognized by the European Commission. At the same time, the local community (both in the hosting and sending countries) will benefit a lot from the service, as well. The envisaged results will lead to the construction of a more positive and attractive image of European Union in Belarus and many more people will have friendly attitudes towards Belarus’ inclusion in European integration.



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