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A Double Degree in Europe, South American Leadership and Employability
Date du début: 1 sept. 2011,

The objective of the project is to promote ERASMUS MUNDUS Joint Degrees in South America. The focus is on Joint Masters and Joint Doctorates in Engineering and all the possibly connected disciplines. Considering the South American most developed economies (Argentina, Brazil, Chile and Colombia) the major concern of the top Institutions to sending their best students to Europe for higher education is the risk of brain drain, since those are the countries that already need high potential young people trained to become top level engineers for the production world. The final purpose must be greatly enhancing the employability of Joint graduates in Latin America. This means that the curricula offered them in Europe must respond to the needs of the South American job market, which implies a systematic study of such needs. The instruments we analyse are the Joint Degrees at the graduate level, within the ERASMUS Mundus framework. We will put in place a virtuous loop whereby the feedback from various constituencies on the existing programmes is compared with the emerging needs of the job market in order to create a benchmark that will continuously influence and innovate the projects under preparation. The project ADDE SALEM involves partner Institutions that have a long record of successful cooperation in Joint Degrees on both sides of the Atlantic. This guarantees the availability of an already consistent pool of South American double graduates. They and their employers will be the most valuable resource for the ADDE SALEM study. Moreover, all the Institutions have very strong links with the industrial world. Many Industries, Associations and public Authorities have already signed a commitment to cooperate to the project. We consider the non academic partners as the best source of information related to employability in South America. The innovations promoted by our projects in the curricula of those Joint Degrees targeted to the South American students, will be a guarantee for the South American Institutions that sending their best students to Europe in the framework of Joint Degree programmes will enhance their employability at home. The target groups of our study are: - South American students already involved in Joint degrees in or with Europe - South American professors tutoring their students in international programmes - European and South American professors involved in designing joint degrees’ curricula - South American alumni that already have been awarded joint degrees in or with Europe - Employers in South America. The main activities of the project, organized in an iterative approach, consist of: - Web-based surveys - Focus groups in South America - Working groups in Europe with South American members - Open conferences in South America. Erasmus Mundus Action 3: Promotion of higher education The expected outputs will be produced by a permanent virtuous loop of interaction between South American and European partners that will continuously update a benchmark for the Joint Degrees across the Atlantic. In particular innovations will be introduced in such degrees according to the outcomes of the study. The double graduates' careers will be monitored and the South American Institutions will be the key promoters of mobility for their best students. The results will be disseminated first by the open conferences, where other Institutions will be invited to cooperate and to shear the benefits of the project, second by the open ADDE SALEM website that will report all the surveys, with the row date that will be made public for independent studies, the reports on the focus groups and on the working groups. To reach an even wider public, the outcomes of the project will be the subject of articles on archival magazines, and will be presented at many international conferences.



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