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A Color in the Kaleidoscope
Date du début: 1 août 2015, Date de fin: 31 janv. 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The Project “A Color in the Kaleidoscope”, in which 19 May Youth Center undertakes the coordinator position, has 3 different activities that is designed for 3 different volunteers. These 3 different activities are held in 3 different social center as 19 May Youth Center, Ozdilek Art Center, and 23th April Children’s Art and Cultural Center. Again there are three different sending partners of the Project; INDICOT from Canary Islands, LINK from Italy, and TMEKNIK from Czech Republic. In such a colorful cooperation, we see every volunteer and every partner of the project as a different voice, like a unique color in the kaleidoscope, which provides richness for the project. The Project is developed on the basis of two main problems and aims to provide 2 different solutions for them. Firstly, because of the examination based educational system in Turkey, lots of children and young people could not get the chance to know themselves, their skills, potentials, and personalities. In such a system they identify themselves as successful, clever and skillful as the system allows them. However, as we all know, being unsuccessful in exams does not mean that the person have no capacity, or ability to be successful. On the basis of such a reality, Ozdilek Art Center and 23th April Children’s Art and Culture Center were founded to provide an area that children and youth in which they realize their potentials, get involved to the social life, and widen their horizons by developing their art skills. Accordingly one of the main aims of the project is increasing social participation of children and youth by developing their art skills with an EVS activity. On this respect the task of the volunteers, which will work in Art and Children Center, will be assisting the workshops which are focusing on ceramics and animation and short movie shooting. Beside this, it is also possible for the volunteers to propose their own activities related with art. Also the19 May Youth Center, which is also the coordinator organization of the project, is another social establishment that the activities will takes place. The Youth Center, is a non-profit local organization, established for the young people from 17-30. The center also became one of the three Eurodesk Contract Points in Eskisehir, in 2012. Accordingly, the center provides high quality information and advice concerning Europe to young people and those who work with them, organizes trainings and seminars in order to popularize the information about youth programs. However, it is believed that in a city which is regarded as “The Student City” of Turkey with two big universities, the recognition level of the specifically EVS, generally Erasmus+ Youth Programs is low. Within this context, the second aim of the project is promoting Erasmus+ Youth Programs and Opportunities through organizing indoor and outdoor activities. Accordingly, the task of the volunteer, who will work in the youth center, will be; daily checks of EVS database, Salto-Youth’s web pages, and other relevant social media accounts, and daily publishing these news on the youth center’s social media account; weekly researches on the topics that relevant to the youth issues, participating to the seminars, contact meetings, and trainings about the Erasmus+ Programs and Eurodesk that will organized by the Youth Center; and preparing a short film that will indicates his/her EVS experience. All the activities of the project will be held in the main buildings of the centers between 2 November 2015 and 2 June 2016 with 7 months period. Volunteers are expected to be creative, coherent, able to work with a team. Additionally, during all the educational activities are conducted according to non-formal educational methods, by this means it is expected to develop some competences such as communication skills, cultural awareness, and entrepreneurship of the volunteers. We believe that with the activities of the project we achieve our goals both in local level and international one. We believe that EVS is the one of the best youth opportunity in the youth field for young people who are learning by doing and experiences. As organization, our EVS coordinator and volunteers have lots of experiences in volunteering. We are working with youth and also we are Eurodesk contact point so we are ready for sharing our experiences and we are ready to learn new things from our volunteers for improving our knowledge.



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