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A BREATH IN KIYIKOY - Kıyıköy'de Bir Soluk
Date du début: 1 janv. 2015, Date de fin: 30 nov. 2015 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Project 'A Breath in Kiyiköy' is a youth change project. It will be realized by youths from different cultures and in this project main topic will be environmental cleanliness and nature. In addition to it will be saving nature, thinking green and environment. As well as various activities will be organized. Main activities which will be realized in Turkey, will be realized in Kiyikoy. Kiyikoy is close to Istanbul, quiet and small village. Especially in summer, people from Istanbul is intense interest to there and during the activities people not too much respect to region. As a result of that environmental pollution is increasing and it is feared not being able to stop it in future. This project which will realize with partners who did too many various project about environmental cleanliness and awareness, will be the first project in region won the title. So it will play a big role to increase environmental awareness and the introduction of Kiyikoy. In project there will be 40 participants from 4 countries. A part of participants will be youths who have social barriers, never have been in projects like that, want to know other countries's cultures but didn't find a chance for that. During the project common teaching methods will be applied. This project will help to the youngsters who has fewer opportunities in their life. They will see the further cultures and they will have a good vision after it. We will present this area to local people with cleanliness and regional people will appreciate this village. The project which will be about this untouched village's cleanliness has a message about the discontinue of the potential environmental problems.



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