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A Bottle for Your Message
Date du début: 1 sept. 2016, Date de fin: 28 févr. 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Often small and medium NGO's do not have a PR strategy: their website is not updated, they do not know how to use social median nobody in town knows about their wonderful initiatives.The main aim of the project is to empower partners organizations with relevant competencies and practical tools in the area of public relations, social media communication, journalism, advocacy and promotion of their work. Furthermore, this TC aims also to empower youth workers and their youth organizations to gain better access to the media, more publicity, and work more effectively and rationally. Preparing a strategic approach in PR and media relations will allow youth organizations to improve the visibility of their work and to be more recognized as fundamental actors both in their local community and European one.The working process will be carried out through non formal education methods and learning by doing methodologies. The learners will be invited to work intensively and to improve their skills related to the diverse topics tackled and also their attitudes towards communication for the youth sector, particularly relating to EU issues. Active involvement and teamwork, as well as theoretical inputs from the trainers will be essential elements of the training program.The participants will contributed to "tell the story" of the training course through social network and will be prepared to apply further the acquired competencies by organizing follow up activities within their respective organizations and among the local youth. Special attention will be paid also in making the learning points of the training course relevant, sustainable and shareable, by giving a large space for reflection, by providing guidance and coaching for future action plans and career development.



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