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Engine Mount System for Ultra High Pass Engine (EMS UHPE)

Date du début: 15 mars 2016, Date de fin: 14 févr. 2022,

... r potential to provide a significant leap in the performance, manufacturing, & assembly.Our consortium consists of1. international company with global reach & renown experience in the EMS industry, LORD Corp2. a German SME, excelling in manufacturing of aerospace structures, HEGGEMANN3. an Italian consulting SME in the field of structural mechanics, Vicoter4. an Italian University, one of the lead ...
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... The mount system structural and vibration isolation requirements will be established early in the design phase. This will be done through trade studies, incorporating the many years of experience of LORD in designing and developing aircraft engine isolation systems. The technology used for the system will be adapted from current elastomeric, metallic and Fluidlastic engine mount systems to the ...
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