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Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 31 mai 2016,

Sillamäe Vanalinna schoolchildren initiated project "Beating Mindless Students Eating " includes 2 mobility for youth of age 14-18 from Estonia, Turkey, Romania, Malta, UK , 2 APVs and some acttivities between youth exchanges to create the booklet about project main topic "Organization of school lunches and nutrition". During 8 day long youth exchange in Estonia in October 2015 and 8-day ong ...
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“If not You - then no one!”

Date du début: 4 mai 2015, Date de fin: 3 oct. 2015,

In the context, of Our project "If not you, then no one" is social skills or life skills developing, which are crucial in futurer life. The project aims were social skills, understanding and application (teamwork, self-management and exprssion), which is always necessary skills in the labor market. We were 22 young people from Estonia, Slovakia and Malta. The project aimed at young for18-25. We we ...
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Adventure through the lens

Date du début: 17 juin 2014, Date de fin: 16 juin 2015,

The TC is ADVENTURE THROUGH THE LENS. Which is aimed at youth workers active in the field, volunteers and young people who are studying to become youth workers. There is no age limit of the active youth workers but for the volunteers or young people studying towards working in the field of youth work need to be 18+. The TC will be hosted by UK Ambassadors CIC which is a not for profit community in ...
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