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EEN Advanced Support Services for Walloon SMEs 2015-2016 (KAMWAL 2.1)

Date du début: 1 janv. 2015, Date de fin: 31 déc. 2016,

The KAMWAL 2.1 project is the proposal to establish services “Enhancing the innovation management capacity of SMEs” in the Enterprise Europe Network for Wallonia.Indeed, thanks to the KAMWAL 2.1 project, 4 Walloon organisations all members of the Entreprise Europe Wallonie consortium will propose two advanced support services to Walloon SMEs during the period 2015-2016. Firstly, the Key Account ...
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Innovations et Opportunités de Développement Durable dans les Entreprises (IODDE)

Date du début: 31 déc. 2009, Date de fin: 30 déc. 2014,

The partners in the Wallonia and Nord-Pas de Calais area pool their competences to propose an innovative awareness-raising and support programme for SMEs that want to follow a sustainable developmentapproach in their organisation. They help companies identify the potential and opportunities of sustainable development, taking into account their own strategic development objectives. The project seek ...
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