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Connecting Science with Society (EU-PolarNet)

Date du début: 1 mars 2015, Date de fin: 29 févr. 2020,

The rapid changes occurring in the Polar Regions are significantly influencing global climate with consequences for global society. European polar research has contributed critical knowledge to identifying the processes behind these rapid changes but, in contrast to lower latitudes, datasets from the Polar Regions are still insufficient to fully understand and more effectively predict the effects ...
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The European Polar Research Icebreaker Consortium AURORA BOREALIS (ERICON-AB)

Date du début: 1 mars 2008, Date de fin: 31 mai 2012,

"The ERICON-AB project will generate the strategic, legal, financial and organisational frameworks required from National Governments and the European Commission to commit financial resources to the construction and running of the European Polar Research Icebreaker AURORA BOREALIS. Scientific management frameworks will be assessed including mechanisms to handle dedicated large-scale multi-year or ...
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