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Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 31 août 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The idea of the “70 Y.E.H” project was born under the acceptance of how few things students know about European History, about the process of European unification and the reasons that led to it. We strongly believe that in times of crisis such as we are experiencing in recent years it is crucial to cultivate the “shared memory”, to enhance the faith of young people to common European values and to promote discussion on issues regarding our common future as European citizens. This project is designed to contribute to the improvement of all participants’ knowledge of European History and to provide them the opportunity to develop critical thinking on issues concerning E.U. Motivated by the above considerations, eight upper secondary schools of different types (general education, vocational, theological and private) were joined in order to accomplish the following aims: 1. Learn more about the historic events that took place in Europe after the end of World War II 2. Find out how these events effected on the artistic evolution in painting, literature, cinema and music 3. Connect the historic events with the scientific and technological development of the European countries by that time 4. Find out the reasons that made the creation of the E.U necessary 5. Cultivate skills in searching and using information critically 6. Introduce new methods and teaching tools with a European dimension within school education by exchanging teaching practices 7. Expand digital competences of both students and school education staff 8. Stimulate the curiosity of students 9. Contribute to the increase and deepening of knowledge, aiming to achieve better performances 10. Foster the spirit of cooperation between people from different cultures and contribute to the removal of existing geographic, national and ideological borders in the school environment 11. Cause reflection and debate on issues about E.U and our common future in it 12. Promote the development of a common European consciousness and identity and contribute to students' development into active European citizens. The “70 Y.E.H” project will last 2 years and Greece will be the coordinating country. A great number of participants will be involved in it through a variety of activities. There will be students, teachers, administrative and educational staff from all partner schools, parents, members of the Education Offices and Municipal Councils, as well as members of the academic and the local community. The project includes activities at both local and transnational level, designed to achieve the realization of its objectives and the delivery of the final products. These activities aim to strengthen cooperation among partner schools by exchanging of practices and to promote the development and the implementation of innovative teaching methods. Local activities include: information research, workshops, debates in classroom, interactive classes, webinars on the web2.0 tools, lectures, on line conferences, presentations, informative seminars, study visits to museums /art centers /scientific laboratories, meetings among members of the local teams, competitions, exhibitions and dissemination activities. The transnational activities (a total of six) will combine short-term exchange of groups of students and short-term joint staff training events and will include: attending courses, participating in presentations/ debates/interactive lessons/ exhibitions/ festivals, carrying out researches and studies and visiting monuments of historical interest, art galleries, museums etc. There will also be two transnational meetings (at the beginning of each project year) among History, English and ICT teachers of the schools’ local teams for coordinating and management purposes. Almost all the final products of the project will be in both digital and printed form. Among them there will be a collection of work and evaluation sheets, a historical guide, a vocabulary booklet, an application for mobile phones, albums, timelines, the official project’s blog and a board game. We expect that this project will have an impact on students by offering them a different education prospective, discovering new ways of learning and achieving greater cognitive development by cultivating most of the "21st century skills" like critical thinking, research skills, team work, ICT competences etc. At the same time this project will equip teachers with new tools for interdisciplinary teaching for courses like History, Art and Science and will help them to introduce a European dimension in the classroom. An overall ambition of our partnership is to contribute to the improvement of knowledge and dissemination of the culture and history of the European people.



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