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Date du début: 1 avr. 2016, Date de fin: 31 mars 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

"7 STEPS" is a step-based international project, which aims to fight problems that youth from rural areas faces today. Youth groups from 7 countries will meet in Lithuania to learn these 7 steps that will help them to reach success in life. Our goal is to help young people feel more comfortable about themselves and have a vision in life, with the help from our partners we can change youngsters’ point of view and support them in dealing with challenges in their lives and in the labor market. A person with healthy habits, clear mindset, high motivation is more likely to get a job and/or start their own initiatives. The project aims is to empower young people to be more active and live healthy and successful lives. As the “Baby boomer” generation is going into the retirement Europe needs more young and creative people.This project aims to involve organizations that are working with youth from rural areas and groups of young people active in youth work. This will be beneficial for all sides. Youngsters from rural areas will have a chance to participate in international project and improve their competences for employability. The project focuses on 7 topics (7 different steps), which blends into one broad topic to fight youth unemployment, it is very important to young person, especially youngsters from rural areas. The youth exchange will include: Healthy Lifestyle, Motivation, Mindset, , Personal Development, Learning To Learn, Volunteering and Team-Work topics/activities. These areas are crucial for youngsters who want to be successful and competitive in labor market.Project will be organized with people with 7 countries (Lithuania, France, Turkey, Greece, Italy, Portugal and Bulgaria). Each organization will have 4 youngsters and 1 group leader, target group is young people between 18 and 25 years old, recent school/university leavers/graduates.During this project we will use non-formal education methods and coaching techniques. This will create a suitable learning environment. Participants will be encourage to do their own initiatives and contribute to the content of the exchange, it will increase their sense of initiative and entrepreneurship.We believe that this project will have a lasting effect on the participants and help them to improve their capacity in labor market. We want that youth from rural areas would be more included and active in social life/labor market. This project aims to promote the idea of healthy lifestyle which is a core of success. "7 STEPS" is just a first part of continuous effort to fight youth unemployment and make lasting change in the society.



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