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4 elements for 4 corner of Europe
Date du début: 1 août 2014, Date de fin: 1 déc. 2014 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Lot of young people spend a lot of time in one of 4 elements of hip-hop (dance, music production - mc-ing or singing, dj-ing, drawing – grafity) trying to make a bussines out of it but they lack entrepreneurial skill to make a meaning of living out of their hobby. Lof of them don't even see the opportunity that this hip-hop culture got to offer. Through project ˝4 elements for 4 sides of Europe˝ we will show with our possitive examples ways how to accomplish this. In this project focus will be on entrepreneurial process who are needed to make a commercial activity out of this hip-hop elements. Workshop of journalism and Public relationship will improve participants communication with media and public. Workshops of how to promote your services will improve participant communication with clients. Workshops of multimedia (video and audio production and photography) in which participants will learn how to use multimedia equipment to record sound and video and take photos and after it use all this material for comercial and advertising purpose. Workshops of developing stragies for projects, activities and organizations. Workshops of quality implementation of activities and projects in the field of hip-hop – urban culture. Each of these workshops will be accompanied by a demonstration workshop and positive example of successful bussines in one of 4 elements. Participants will be young people who are engaged in one of the areas of urban culture, young people who want to further develop their skills in the direction of creating a business from their previous experience with urban culture. Preference will be unemployed people looking for training and development. Age of 15-30 years. We will look out for the equal treatment of male and female individuals in the project. We will encourage the application of young people from small towns where it is difficult to get to the positive examples of development of organizations like ours. The effect of the workshop on participants is to realize their potential development opportunities, skills and knowledge of urban culture. To get an idea and a practical knowledge of how to develop their hobby into commercially viable activity. Partner organizations will be recognized in their local community and beyond. With experience and ideas from our project will develop better services and projects.



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