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3SP: Special Sports for Special People
Date du début: 1 janv. 2016, Date de fin: 31 déc. 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

3SP: SPECIAL SPORTS FOR SPECIAL PEOPLE aims to:• Promote, between the YOUNG PEOPLE aged 14-18 involved in VET, voluntary activities in sport. • Develop EDUCATIONAL KITS (OeR) and common methodologies on:1) Education to Sport and Physical activities for the improvement of Health and prevention of diseases connected to sedentary lifestyle, obesity, stress or to the use of doping, awareness raising about food supplements … (Body & Sport);2) Education to Fair and Inclusive/integrated Sport and Physical activities for the improvement of Healthy lifestyles for people with fewer opportunities and as an instrument towards social inclusion for disadvantaged persons (Soul & Sport);3) Education to the importance of Sport and Physical Activity for the development of learning abilities and transversal competences (Brain, Heart & Sport).330 teens are expected to be involved in the testing of the kits. Staff training is also a key activity and will be focused on methodologies, principles, supporting tools related to the peer learning approach and active involvement of young people in the creation of Open Educational kits. 68 people will benefit from training organised at international, national and local levels.3SP involves 10 Partners from 6 different Countries: Italy, UK, Spain, Croatia, Germany and Belgium. Animation and mainstreaming events (around 30 in total) in all partners’ countries and 2 international events in Belgium and Italy targeting in total around 1000 beneficiaries, are aimed to promote, disseminate and mainstream the project products and results as well as a website, a Facebook page and a Linkedin profile.Through the associative base of partner organisation, the project will be able to reach around 13.500 Sporting Associations through their Institutional communication channels, giving access to the project outputs and results for further exploitation and promotion of multiplier effect (at medium long term) to a wide public they offer Sport activities.



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