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3rd International Youth Meeting Citizen11 CGE Riga
Date du début: 1 août 2011,

Europe needs active citizens and participation, because democratic societies are based on them. Therefore citizens must be encouraged and involved in participation for their own good. The idea of European Citizenship is based on the efforts of participation by the citizens themselves. The youth of Europe plays a crucial role in there.They are becoming decision-makers in the future. But before they need to know about themselves and their neighbours in Europe to evaluate, differentiate and solve problems that the future will bring. This project gives them the opportunity to get to know each other and try to listen and understand different point of views. The intercultural challenge that implies in here, 30 different partner countries with 50 participants, will contribute in many ways to the individual learning process of each participant. The “3rd International Youth Meeting: European Citizen – Where are you?” will take place in Riga from 23.08.2011-31.08.2011. It will offer a plattform where all participants can learn in an atmosphere of mutual understanding something about themselves and something about their neighbours in Europe in general but in particular through exchanging their knowledge, experiences and best practice in the field of international youth work. To reach the aim to create a European awareness during the project therefore the participants will work together with methods of non-formal education about crucial points of youth participation in Europe. Another string that will guideline this project aims the questions what means European active citizenship and how can we support volunteering and active participation in our home communities? Last but not least is to get connected and finding synergy-effects between us and new projects under ther umbrella of YiA Programme of the European Commission.



29 Participants partenaires