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3D "Discovery.Diversity.Development."
Date du début: 10 déc. 2013,

This YE will be hosted by Moldovan NGO CDIR and is going to bring together 40 young people (16-25 y.o.) from various social, cultural and ethno-racial background from 8 countries for 8 days and will provide them with social tools and skills which could help the participants to raise the awareness of their own identity and culture; to cross borders to other traditions, languages and mentalities by being actively involved with groups from other countries as well as to find out and understand the differences and to be proud of their cultural and personal identity. Another important thing is to learn about prejudice in all kinds of situations and the way to fight them. These objectives will lead to achieving personal, social and professional development. This project will enable young people to lead discussions about different cultures and traditions, the religion and ethics, to learn about different countries’ mentality, stereotypes, education, as well as about gender equality. The music, the traditional dances of all the partner groups will be shown and learnt by all the participants during the project. The participants will take part in lectures, team games, workshops and discussions about all the unique cultures. As well we are preparing activities with the aim of learning Europe better : quiz, building maps, sport games, round table, open discussions, presenting traditional histories, workshops.The participants will be provided with knowledge and useful skills about workshops,educational events and similar activities organized for youth on local and international level on topics such as volunteering, youth work, international cooperation, YIA, participation and cultural awareness. As well the participants will have the opportunity to explore the Moldavian culture and nature. On the last day the participants will develop a short movie and a newspaper article to promote cultural diversity and voluntarism.



8 Participants partenaires