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360° participation model
Date du début: 5 janv. 2016, Date de fin: 4 juil. 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Youth participation is still is a challenge across Europe. Participation often happens in cultural, leisure spheres or school environment. Aiming to develop stronger civic society, assisting young people in integration processes, youth participation and consultation in decision making processes has to be strengthened through creating platforms for youth to contribute to solving issues of society and communities. This project will create Online tools, manuals and recommendation how municipalities (local governmental bodies and institutions) can involve young people in to decision making process. This project will create new ways that decision makers would not only consult with youth, but that the ideas of youth would get priority status and provide young people with power, legitimacy and tools to monitor that their ideas are being implemented. With this project we want to shift youth participation from the concept of tokenism to active participation in advocating youth needs. The project will provide overview of local realities from Norway, UK and Lithuania in the field of participatory decision making. Project will provide tailored tools which are suiting for different realities, recommendations will be created how these tools could be used in different environments involving other social groups (senior citizens, young parents, unemployed, migrant background, disabled and etc.).This project will help civil servants, youth workers, community workers, NGO members to develop cooperation competence. Municipalities will get tolls for efficient cross-sectoral and cross-departmental cooperation. The Online tool will serve as mean to assure efficient youth participation and will allow to supervise the situation in the community and inform about needed changes and improvements. The Online tool will become a way how to consult with youth on important issues, decision makers will be able to shape the future of their communities with help of youth. This tools in the future can be used to involve other groups of citizens.This project will develop predictable models and guidelines in addition to the specific tools how to involve youth in political decision making. Project partners have needed experience to develop the tools. The partners have bee developing academic theories, Structured dialogue processes, organizing participatory research and local consultation processes. The result of this project will help the strengthen the existing structures sufficiently link to decision making process. Marginalized and excluded groups ex. youth with low socio-economic background will gain opportunity to provide input to decision making process. Project aims to:1. Share expertise in cross-sectoral cooperation and youth participation processes in project countries.2. Create tools how to make youth participation a part of political decision making process.3. Develop guideline for comprehensive participation (360 degrees model).4. Develop a tools to enable and supervise cross-sectoral, cross-departmental cooperation.5. Create space to share and gather good practice within existing cooperation structures and various methods and tools used in participatory processes in project countries.6. Develop an Online tool which could be used to strengthen youth participation in the decision making process. The tool will be based on participatory processes ex. 360 participation and Structured dialogue.The beneficiaries of the project are: young people with various backgrounds, youth workers and policy makers at the local level, other social groups.



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