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21.Yüzyıl Öğrencileriyiz, Globalleşen Öğretmenleriz
Date du début: 31 déc. 2015, Date de fin: 30 déc. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

In our country, which was introduced in 2004 with a constructivist approach , student-centered teaching activities began to take place in the curriculum . Supporting lifelong learning , this approach requires the active participation of students in the course . But our school is inadequate in terms of technological equipment and located in a physically disadvantaged area . In our school, there are students with disabilities who requires special care and different teaching materials. Academic achievement of our students is low , students are reluctant in courses and foreign languge is ignored . In addition to this , there is a lack of self-confidence in our students and entrepreneurial characteristics of students haven't been developed . Within the project , our students will overcome the above mentioned problems and adopt lifelong learning that is why it is required that teachers should teach their lesson with very effective approaches and various methods. Our project with this content support the students to be at the centre of the activities and aims to provide students with the skill "learning to learn ". Our project is a School Education Staff Mobility project starting on 01.08.2015 and ending 01.08.2016 (12 months).Within the project two teachers will perform one mobility. Teachers will attend different courses in the mobility.Our Turkish teacher will attend "Innovative approaches to teaching" training to bring an awareness to students about experiential learning and entrepreneurship, our English teacher will attend the course about "Teaching through 21st century methodologies" to improve their lessons in an interactive way, to use different methods in foreign language teaching, to improve English speaking skills, to reduce the preducide of the children and families against different cultures and gain awareness of Europe culture .Our teachers will take a pedagogical approach to the teaching styles. Their aims are to make comparisons between curricula to use different teaching techniques in the classroom and to increase the interest of the children in the class atmosphere. Our project will be conducted using ' Active Learning ' methodology. Students will develop their problem solving, the ability to communicate and work together to develop independent learning .Class participation will be encouraged and will be kept at a high level . Concrete outcomes and long-term benefits of the project are as follows: -The project will help teachers and the school stuff to work more cooperatively and enthusiastically. -The school will be able to follow cross-curriculum changes and other developments about education. - Students will develop a positive attitude toward school and attendance to the courses will increase and this will proceed attendance of the girls to the schools in rural areas like our school located in. - With 'different' activities the students will develop problem-solving skills and their creativity, entrepreneurship thus will increase. - The prejudice against foreign language will be overcomed and students will recognize European culture as well as European awareness. -Students will learn how to develop not only grammar but also four different skill areas (speaking, understanding , listening and writing ) -Thanks to creative and innovative methods, teaching process and the atmosphere of the courses will be kept alive and different learning levels of the students will be balanced. -Students will keep their pace with constantly changing world and with the country conditions . - When editing the content of our training programs , improved curriculum , applying with an emphasis on interactive and teamwork of the students in the class , joining in and asking questions to students will be provided in an interactive way.