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2015 - Welcome to the PAST
Date du début: 20 juil. 2015, Date de fin: 19 janv. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Project Title: "2015 - Welcome to the PAST" Project location: Brcko / Bosnia and Herzegovina Duration: 20:07. - 29/07/2015 Participating countries: Austria and Bosnia and Herzegovina Main topics: empowerment of young people, AntiRasismuss and Intercultural Work, Gender Mainstreaming objectives: -> Find its own identity -> Strengthen communication skills -> Social skills is promoted by the project to key topics such as gender, intercultural exchange and Rasismuss and reflects -> More self-confidence and thus more confidence in their own abilities -> Knowledge and understanding of other values and conditions by addressing historical events (wars, natural disasters) -> Cultural Awareness / Other systems Other countries other customs "2015 - Welcome to the PAST" is a youth exchange program whose primary goal but (which may differ intercultural exchange between young people with the same roots different origins on their experiences and life worlds, or -Realitys from each other, but also many similarities will have) to promote. During the stay of young people in Brcko, three major topics are covered: empowerment of youth, gender, interculturality and racism. Access to these three content, we will look through various playful methods to raise awareness of the issues of young people and allow them to reflect on their experiences and thus permanently integrate into their experience. Also, it is important that young people have the experience, open to others and to be their life world to connect with other people in a dialogue and to learn about other cultures and views. There will be an excursion into the history of the two countries and their links to the participants about interculturality, for example, where we highlight the cultural differences and try to find answers to many questions that concern us daily. This enables both the groups themselves and their culture to imagine the other hand, it allows to make the other participants a new cultural experience. There will also be a music workshop, where in creative and artistic way a reflection with access to on multilingualism should be encouraged. This approach speaks on the one hand a large area of interest of young people - the music, on the other hand is just this through their affective component particularly to express emotions and experiences. In another way, this is often much harder. On gender, there will be (in mixed teams such as a soccer tournament) different creative activities (for example, a cooking evening) and sports. Regarding the content on gender moderated discussions and debates between the participants are also organized - which will be particularly important in preparation for the planned activities to future visions and dream jobs for young people and especially the girls in a culture where you primarily seen as mothers and housewives are intended to give you the strength to break out of this world and start your life with confidence and future-oriented. Apart from all these substantive objectives of the project "2015 Welcome to the PAST", it is the largest and most important goal for the project that all participants (whether young or carers) spend an eventful and rewarding time together, for everyone involved new experiences holds and offers the opportunity to learn from each other. Falsch?



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