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1000 Words
Date du début: 5 sept. 2016, Date de fin: 4 janv. 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Through enhancing digital skills, learning about photography and photojournalism participants will interview and make photo stories of marginalised groups in Bulgaria In this way they will learn advanced digital skills and in the same time enhance civic and social competence, actively involve in their local communities, practice their citizenship competences and take action to change something in local community.Objective of the project „Thousand words“ are;- Teaching participants digital skills; advanced usage of photo equipment and photography- Teaching participants photojournalism - Raising participants civic and social competence by involving them in local community and working on social issues- Promotion of social inclusion, solidarity and empathy for marginalised groups of European community- Greater involvement of marginalised groups and members into local and international communityType of activity is 12 days youth exchange which involves 48 participants from Lithuania, Croatia, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Romania and Italy on the age between 18 to 30 years old with interest in photography. It consists of two main parts. First is empowering participants with advanced digitals and initiative skills to enhance their employability and keep up with developments in new technologies and especially in information communication technology. Second part of activity is to empower participants with social and civic competences and contribute to resolving of social issues and needs of European society. All workshops will follow the values and principles of non-formal education in European practice.Tangible results of the project are participants photo projects and photo stories. Also a photo exhibition of participants photo projects on sight in Bansko and online in all partner countries. Expected impact on the participants is improved learning performance in sense of acquiring advanced digital skills; to improve participants’ knowledge, skills and attitudes in ICT and digital competences. Second expected impact is to raise participants empathy and awareness of inequity and obstacles of marginalised groups of European society and to improve participants knowledge, skills and attitudes as active citizen and their civic and social competences.Long term benefits are enhancing Information and Communication Technologies uptake in social campaigns and non-formal learning. In Bulgaria we aim at increasing the technology literacy of people who are representing the target group as they are the least who can get any additional education..



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