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100% Youth City
Date du début: 1 juin 2015, Date de fin: 31 mai 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

100% Youth City is KA2 Strategic partnership to develop an innovative approach to new generation of City Youth friendly Policies.The project aims to create and develop a quality label "100% Youth City", on Youth Friendly policies city and the all certification process to implement it.Project will combine the Structured Dialogue methodology and a new and innovative tool defined by the European Union on the Lisbon Treaty, the Open Method of Coordination. Project will start with short learning activity to learn how to work with the methodology and define milestones and budget and inance procedure for the implementation of 100% Youth City.The methodology will be implemented by defining the overall key topics and subtopics, identifying priorities and a division of learning outcomes in the certification process of "100% Youth City", emphasizing the key role of the youngsters and decision makers in collaboration with the project partners, Youth sector, experts and policy makers designing high quality transnational seminars and putting in place a good communication practice between transnational seminars all contribute towards good coherence in the partnership.The project will gather 7 Cities recognized by their good practices on Youth policies all future and actual European Youth Capitals, are partners of this project and we gather two more cities, Valencia as a good practice on the development of long term Strategic Youth Plans and the City of Riga as good practice on inclusion and work with minorities.The structure of the project activities is the management of one short Learning activity with all project coordinators and the management of 4 Transnational seminars.Each Transnational Seminar will conclude on process of certification, or stage as 100% Youth City and start another one. Partner will have six months between each Transnational Seminar to implement the tools and necessary indicators to achieve the certification on each stage.The project will be concluded with all 7 partners with certified as 100% Youth City and all certification process on Youth Friendly Cities ready to be disseminated as an innovative, new and powerful process to have Cities with real youth friendly policies.



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