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1. Foyer Ste-Anne - Accompagnement de personnes âgées2. Les Charmilles - Accompagnement de personnes handicapées mentales
Date du début: 5 janv. 2015, Date de fin: 4 avr. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The "Foyer Ste-Anne - Accompanying elderly" coordinated by Belgian Service Club Namur is realized with the collaboration of two Austrian and Spanish sending organizations (Grenzenlos - Interkultureller Austausch and Moli Baix) and includes two volunteers for periods 6 and 8 months The purpose of this project is to provide opportunities and resources for young volunteers to get involved and participate in an intergenerational project. To do this, first, they will discover teaching methods practiced at Home and on the other hand they can bring their own vision and inform leaders about practices in their country. Support for the elderly is a major problem that will arise in Europe in the coming years. This project aims to combine social engagement objectives with intercultural exchange. It can also contribute establishing and strengthening partnerships between organizations of different countries. The exchange of knowledge, experiences, different practices can lead to a different way of thinking or acting. The loss of autonomy of the elderly are compensated by a multidisciplinary team including: nurses, physical therapists, speech therapist, animators .... . The choice of activity will be offered to volunteers in a telephone interview. However, the final orientation of their task will be determined based on their abilities, on a proposal from the tutor of the volunteers and in agreement with them after a period of integration and observation. Tasks that will be proposed to the volunteers will take place in one of the following teams: animation, physiotherapists, health care aides, beauticians. The "Charmilles - Support for adults with mental disabilities, coordinated by Belgian Service Club Namur, is realized with the collaboration of two French and Spanish sending organizations (Calliope and Omix Ribadavia) and includes two volunteers for periods of 6 and 12 months. The purpose of this project is to provide opportunities and resources for young volunteers to get involved and participate in social and human service to help mentally handicapped people. The goal is to help 33 people with mental disabilities, divided into two services Charmilles 1 and 2 (profound mental and moderate disabilities), in a structured and fullfilling educational environment. The volunteer will have the choice of service after a period of observation and integration of one month. Residents' needs are the same as ours: basic needs (food, housing, ensure satisfactory conditions of hygiene and appropriate medical monitoring) need for structure, autonomy and self-determination, security and social need. Educational staff guides people in all activities of daily life and performs health social, nursing and education acts. He developes recurrent workshops in occupational and educational aim . During these periods, the main role of the volunteers is to assist and support educators in the implementation of activities. They may bring their own animation ideas through predefined schedule of activities. Moreover, the volunteers can, if desired, create, organize, create an activity according to their own tastes, individually or collectively. To this end, after a period of observation and integration, they will be asked to offer their personal project to be discussed and implemented in consultation with the teaching staff in respect of the individual project of the resident. This project can be built initially for the following activities: drawing classes, painting, reading, writing, sports, gardening, .... Outside these periods, they accompany and assist residents in all activities of daily life (meal ...). In general, this project aims to: • promote active citizenship among young people in general, to develop solidarity and promote tolerance; In terms of knowledge 1 Significant improvement of the knowledge of French 2 Knowledge of the organization of a care home for the elderly or a home for mentally handicapped 3 concrete realization of a personal project 4 Practical experience in animation projects suitable for elderly or disabled Socially 1 Integration of the volunteer in the local community 2 Increased knowledge of Belgian culture 3 Integration in an international environment On a personal level 1 Better understanding of oneself and 2 Learning a personal autonomy (management of its resources, its schedule, decision-making capacity ...) 3 These activities (intergenerational or to the profit of disabled people) will strengthen their maturity and prepare them for future challenges of their life.



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