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Date du début: 31 déc. 2015, Date de fin: 30 déc. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

In recent years , schools and parents show ıncredible effort to provide academical success of their children but they ignore many skills that their children should have. Unfortunately, our school has become a part of this so-called system and makes great effort to prepare our primary School students for TEOG examination and to get pre-school students ready for primary school education. However, one of the biggest shortcomings of this system is the lack of confidence of our students. A student who is lack of confidence can’t be successful in his/her academical life as he/She is in his/her academical life. By means of the project that we will make, we aim to complete lack parts of our students by using drama technique and story telling method. According to description of experts, drama is the activity realized in a place which is decided in advance by inspiring from acqusitions and experiences of group members and by benefiting from sponts and role-play techniques accompanying of a pioneer. However, this method which is applied in europe schools for a long time doesn’t have good examples for our educators as it is applied rarely. Researches done recently show us that drama which is one of the most important activities of primary school program such as sponts, many kinds of socializing acts, mimes, role-play, making up stories and dramatization can help to a child to recognize himself or herself and then his or her enviroment gradually as it is in the program of pre-school education. In the advanced process, by inspiring from their own lives in case of different confliction situations, the child can produce creative solutions by recognizing his/her qualifications better. Because of this, our pre-school and primary school teachers have to be educated related to these tasks and should transfere their knowledge to their students colleagues. So, we aim both academical and personal improvement in our school public. Our students who are trained by drama and story telling techniques will Learn to study in a group, be leaded to think creatively and their imagination will be stronger. We believe that, students who love their lessons and teachers will feel themselves more loyal to their schools and thanks to it, possible absence will be prevented. To be able to reach these aims, 14 of our educators are going to be trained by association of SBO Laurens- Cupertion in Holland for ten days. Our attendants will share their acqusitions and experiences firstly with their colleagues and then other teachers by means of some seminars and educational methods. Thanks to this, we hope to bring a new perspective to our School, city and country.



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