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Date de clôture : 18 mars 2016  

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Overall objectives

The present call for proposals aims to support projects designed to fulfil the TMS-YfEj objectives specified in section 3.1 above.

The provision of services as above under the TMS-YfEj should be ensured by EURES organisations, in cooperation with other organisations providing labour market related services (see section 5.2 for details on the eligibility requirements).Those services can be provided at national, regional or local level. Applicant organisations shall foster the use of customised services and innovative working methods to improve the integration of mobile young workers into the host country, combined with financial incentives.

In this respect, the call may support the development of partnerships between EURES and labour market stakeholders and players from other expertise areas willing to develop innovative placement support services (for further information, please refer to Annex I).

The partnership approach under the present call shall be established in accordance with the EURES Decision.

Interested organisations must submit a proposal focusing on

Job placements (mandatory item)

and also on at least one of following types of placements:


The proposals should focus on the provision of pre-placement, placement and post- placement services as defined in Annex I. If the lead applicant does not deal with traineeships or apprenticeships, these placements must be ensured by one or more co-applicant organisation(s).

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