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Training on Open Science in the European Research Area
Date de clôture : 30 août 2016  

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Topic Description
Specific Challenge:

Open Science describes the on-going transitions in the way research is performed, researchers collaborate, knowledge is shared, and science is organised. It is driven by digital technologies, the globalisation of the scientific community, and the need to address grand societal challenges.

The acceptance of Open Science practices varies from one discipline to another and not all researchers have the same skills to adapt to this change.

In order to address this skills gap specific training for researchers and academics addressing key skills fostering the culture of Open Science will be supported.


While some aspects of open science, such as open access to publications, have become more widely known in recent years, significant knowledge gaps with regard to other aspects of open science still exist in both institutional settings and among individual researchers . Therefore, this topic supports actions with a clear European added value that are aimed at developing, improving or consolidating training activities at downstream level and reach the highest number of stakeholders in the European Research Area.

Actions proposed must be aimed at training stakeholders with a view to permitting them and/or their organisations to fully implement the practical aspects of open science. Stakeholders include academic staff (train the trainers approach), in particular young scientist during under- and postgraduate training, but also policy-makers and staff working in funding bodies.

The training actions proposed must be relevant for the specific scientific field, practical, engaging, and outcome-oriented .and aiming at linking up with other already existing training initiatives. They should reach the greatest number of stakeholders possible including those Horizon 2020 projects that do not participate in the Horizon 2020 Pilot on open access to data.

Online didactic material or training tool kits made available free of charge/open access for re-use must be developed and linked with existing online material.

As Open Science impacts the entire research cycle and its organisation introducing Open Science research practices education and training will be supported.

The Commission considers that proposals requesting a contribution from the EU of the order of EUR 900 000 would allow this specific challenge to be addressed appropriately. Nonetheless, this does not preclude submission and selection of proposals requesting other amounts.

This action allows for the provision of financial support to third parties in line with the conditions set out in Part K of the General Annexes.

Expected Impact:

This action will increase knowledge of open science related issues across different disciplines, contribute to changes in behaviour that are consistent with the ideals underlying Open Science, and prepare stakeholders for a real application of Open Science in the European Research Area, in particular in Horizon 2020.

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