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Real World Outcomes Across the AD Spectrum (ROADS) to Better Care
Date de clôture : 14 juin 2016  

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Topic Description
Specific Challenge:

A lack of consensus on appropriate patient-relevant outcome measures for AD and the difficulty in acquiring relevant high-quality evidence makes it challenging to make informed decisions regarding AD care.

Defining relevant outcomes and then integrating a comprehensive range of AD-relevant health and social care data should allow a broader assessment of risk-benefit of new treatments and technologies to improve those outcomes.


The ROADS project will:

  • Define a set of measurable patient relevant real world outcomes
  • Outline a data strategy and identify data sources to characterize the spectrum of AD.
  • Based on the data identified, provide recommendations of different approaches to model disease progression to enable better treatment selection and improved health care value for AD patients.
Expected Impact:

ROADS should provide an important initial step to help build AD-relevant real world data sets that are suitable for answering questions across the entire spectrum of the disease.

The project should also provide a road map of aligned outcomes and methods toward building data systems which will be used to plan a 2nd phase project.

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