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Date de clôture : 6 sept. 2016  

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Topic Description
Specific Challenge:

Neuropathic pain (NP) is a widespread disease affecting 6-8% of the population, causing great misery, and incurring huge costs to society. Current therapies are inadequate, addressing only the symptoms not the causes of the pain. In fact, the aetiologies of the disease are poorly understood, hindering the development of new analgesics with improved efficacies.

This topic proposes to study the interactions between hiPS cell derived neurons and glia to guide the discovery of effective analgesics and of clinically useful biomarkers, and help improve the health care of millions of patients.

For more information, please see the IMI2 Call 7 topic text.


The Neuropathic Pain project will:

  • Develop in vitro cell cultures which reflect the interactions between neurons and glia in healthy neuronal tissues
  • Use HCS technology to perform fast multiparametric screening of many conditions.
  • Analyse the intra- and intercellular signalling pathways in samples of rat tissue
  • Collect enough information to permit the definition of interventions which at least alleviate NP better than current treatments

For more information, please see the IMI2 Call 7 topic text.

Expected Impact:

Deepen the understanding of clinical NP at the cellular and genetic levels.

In vitro assays will be developed to improve methods for investigating

Greatly improve the chances of identifying and developing curative analgesic therapies for chronic NP which would enhance the quality of life for millions of patients, and bring substantial cost savings in healthcare.

For more information, please see the IMI2 Call 7 topic text.

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