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Innovations in Titanium investment casting of lightweight structural components for aero engines
Date de clôture : 2 juin 2016  

 Technologie aérospatiale
 Industries aéronautiques
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Topic Description

Specific Challenge:


In this Topic the limits of the casting process will be challenged and improvements are sought with regard to geometry limitations impacting weight, quality and cost for jet engine structures. Possibilities in the investment casting process will systematically be identified, explored and eventually verified. Examples of technologies range from pattern making and shell/core technology to non-destructive testing and repair. In addition the castability for a range of titanium alloys will be investigated using Ti 6-4 as the reference alloy. The project consortium is anticipated to propose the content of the research and in interaction with the topic manager select specific geometries, alloys and process steps to work on. A range of component sizes are of interest to explore but typical final component weights may range from 20 kg to 100kg. For the full topic description see the Call Text Document (Annex of Workplan) published with this call.

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