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Horizon Prize - Food Scanner
Date de clôture : 9 mars 2016  

 Pêche et alimentation
 Horizon Europe

Topic Description
Specific Challenge:

The goal of this contest is to improve the quality of citizens' health and well-being by helping them to better monitor their food intake with the use of a food scanner.

The technological solution(s) submitted should benefit a wide range of the EU population, from healthy citizens to citizens suffering from food intolerance, obesity or allergies, by providing meaningful information on their food consumption.

This prize is expected to stimulate creative thinking across established industrial and academic research organisations, resulting in breakthrough solutions that can seed and drive the European industry forward by breaking down the limits in food intake measurements and detection.

Approaches to be taken by the contestants are not prescribed and may include novel sensing and data processing technologies, amongst others.


The Food Scanner Horizon Prize is a €1 000 000 challenge prize which will be awarded to the technological solution(s) that will best provide citizens with relevant information about their food consumption.

The winning entries should take a step forward from current technologies and solutions in terms of food intake measurement and will have to prove economic viability. In addition, they will have to be demonstrated through clear experimental results.

Expected Impact:

This Horizon 2020 Inducement Prize will thus be awarded to the most significant development towards a portable solution that, alone or in combination with other devices (e.g. smartphones), will enable the European citizens to detect nutrition facts and allergens in several types of food in a precise, efficient and timely manner, using a non-invasive and non-destructive approach, with the goal to help them make optimal informed choices and to improve their health and well-being.

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