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High load gear and bearings materials
Date de clôture : 5 oct. 2016  

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 Technologie aérospatiale
 Industries aéronautiques
 Design industriel

Topic Description
Specific Challenge:

In order to accomplish reduction of fuel burn, emission and noise, very high bypass engines are foreseen in the aeronautical engine perspective. These engine layouts will need a speed reduction system between the low pressure turbine shaft and the fan, having the complete power flowing in the reduction system. Therefore, in order to allow the feasible installation in the engine, high power density gearboxes are foreseen. Classical aerospace materials, although performant, do not exhibit all the necessary technical characteristics order to fulfil both bearing and gears strength needs. Moreover higher oil temperature will characterise new gearboxes usage. The above requirements will focus the activities not only on ambient testing but also on high oil temperature condition.
After joint selection activities of promising materials and surface treatments, the applicant will manage the procurement of bearing and gear test articles, perform testing activities on bearings also in contaminated conditions, and on gears through high load and high temperature testing that will reproduce conditions similar to those of new engines.

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