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Action grants to support national or transnational e-Justice projects
Date de clôture : 11 janv. 2017  

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Topic Description

Priorities and activities to be funded

1. Priorities

This call for proposals aims at contributing to achieving the objectives of the European e-Justice Strategy 2014-2018. It will support the implementation of e-Justice projects within the European e-Justice Portal and at national level, in as far as they have a European dimension. Priority will be given to projects aiming at joining or enhancing existing or on-going e-Justice portal projects, in particular:

  • Interconnection of National Insolvency Registers (IRI);
  • Find a Lawyer (FAL);
  • Find a Notary (FAN);
  • Find a Bailiff (FAB);
  • Implementation of the European Case Law Identifier (ECLI) in case law repositories and interconnection with the e-Justice Portal;
  • Other e-Justice portal projects which will be live on the Portal at the moment when the call will be published.

Transnational projects will receive a higher priority than national ones. Other projects which support the implementation of the e-Justice Strategy 2014-2018 and its Action Plan will not be excluded. In particular, applications related to projects having an A-priority under the Action Plan are also encouraged.

2. Description of the activities to be funded under this topic

Project activities under this call would in principle include analytical, conceptual, design and elaboration work, IT software development, quality assurance and related auxiliary measures necessary for the establishment of new IT systems, as well as the expansion and adaptation of existing national and transnational solutions towards addressing the objectives of the call. Where appropriate, the requirements of the eIDAS Regulation should be taken into account.

Activities relating to project management, content preparation, editorial work, communication, promotion and dissemination are also eligible for funding.

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