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Third open call to SMEs and new entrants for industrial experiments (Innovative CPS)
Date de clôture : 1 juin 2016  

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EuroCPS is part of Smart-Anything- Everywhere Initiative ( under Horizon 2020 Leadership in Enabling Industrial Technologies (LEIT) which aims to generate new and breakthrough technologies, boost competitiveness, to create jobs and to support growth by offering a European-wide network of Design Centers (competence partners & platform providers).

This call provides Europe’s SME and new entrants with the opportunity to develop new CPS-products and components based on existing CPS platforms available in the market. EuroCPS will provide design support to enable rapid development and lower the entry costs for designing and optimizing the proposed novel CPS solutions. New business and innovation opportunities between innovator entities, major CPS-platform providers, and competence centers are expected outcomes.

Industrial experiments will be funded for developing innovative CPS products that will increase the competitiveness of European innovator entities. The targeted products shall be designed, constructed and built on the EuroCPS Platforms provided by AVL, IFAT, Intel, ST-F, ST-I and Thales. The planned work has to be in collaboration with at least one of the EuroCPS Competence centers for design support located across the European region at AVL, BME, DIGICAT, HTNL, CEA, FhG, FPG, LTU, UNIBO and Thales. More details on locations and available competences, platforms and design centers are available at

SME and new entrants are invited to submit proposals which should address Industrial Experiments, aiming at the development of new CPS-enabled products and focusing on at least one of the following areas:

  • Software intensive projects whose expected outcomes are software prototype demonstrators running on a EuroCPS platform.
  • System integration projects whose expected outcomes are integrated system component prototypes.
  • CPS with innovative components projects whose expected outcomes are system architecture virtual prototype demonstrators of the CPS products.


Three independent experts from three different sectors will evaluate all eligible proposals to identify those of sufficient standard (impact, quality, excellence) to qualify for funding. For SW and system integration projects, industrial experiments with high technology readiness level (TRL) are required with a demonstrator prototype as outcome. The prototype may also be used as a first generation product. For CPS with innovative components projects, proof of concept with emulation and simulation is expected. The maximum duration of the industrial experiment is 12 months.


The expected average cascade funding per applicant is €50.000 with a maximum of €70.000 for one industrial experiment. Applicants may have more than one experiment funded, with a total funding of all experiments below €150.000. The funding rate is 70% of the budget. Further in-kind support in form of coaching by competence centers and technology access and assistance from platform partners is provided on top of the cascade funding contribution.


Applicants have to contact any of the EuroCPS Networking partners CEA, AVL, Thales, LTU, BME, UNIBO, FhG, DIGICAT, HTNL and FPG in order to get more information on the competences available at the centers, the supported EuroCPS platforms and about how to submit an eligible proposal. All the information provided is public and will be available for all parties.

Information about the call

Call opening: 27 April 2016
Call deadline: 01 June 2016, 5pm (Brussels Time)
Call acceptance: 20 July 2016
Call identifier: EuroCPS03 call
Language in which proposal should be submitted: English
Web page (full call text/proposal guidelines/standard agreement):
Email address (information):

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