Support for multi programmes – merits of Union agricultural products - internal market or third countries - MULTI-C-2017
Date de clôture : 20 avr. 2017  

 Pêche et alimentation
 Sécurité alimentaire
 Développement rural
 Jeunes agriculteurs
 Agriculture sociale
 Coopération internationale
 Développement des affaires


The general objective of the information provision and promotion measures is to enhance the competitiveness of the Union agricultural sector.

This topic covers information provision and promotion programmes highlighting the specific features of agricultural methods in the Union and the characteristics of EU agri-food products and quality schemes mentioned in Article 5(4)(d) of Regulation (EU) No 1144/2014.

The objective is to highlight at least one of the specific features of agricultural production methods in the Union, particularly in terms of food safety, traceability, authenticity, labelling, nutritional and health aspects (including proper dietary practices and responsible consumption of eligible alcoholic beverages), animal welfare, respect for the environment and sustainability (others than those covered under Topic A), and the characteristics of agricultural and food products, particularly in terms of their quality, taste, diversity or traditions.

The expected impacts are to increase the awareness of the merits of Union agricultural products by the consumers and to enhance the competitiveness and consumption of the concerned Union agri-food products, raise their profile and increase their market share.

Financial support is provided to one or more Union-level organisations representative of various agricultural sectors on the Union level, or to at least two organisations from at least two Member States representative of various agricultural sectors on the member state level, in order to implement information and promotion campaigns on the internal market or in third countries.

Information and promotion programmes shall consist of a coherent set of operations and shall be implemented over a period of one to three years. They shall in particular consist of public relations work and information campaigns. They may also take form of participation in events, fairs and exhibitions of national, European and international importance.

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