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Strengthening of the Medicines and Medical Devices Agency of Moldova as regulatory agency in the field of medicines, medical devices and pharmaceutical activity
Date de clôture : 21 mars 2016  

 Équipement médical
 Coopération internationale

Programme title: Decision ENPI 2012/023-421 Framework Programme in support of the current and new agreements between the European Union and the Republic of Moldova

Nature of activities, geographical area and project duration
    (a)    Short description (5 lines) of planned objectives:
Full and correct implementation of the EU acquis in the area of medicinal products and medical devices and preparation of the Medicinal products and Medical Devices Agency of the Republic of Moldova („MMDA“) for joining the EU regulatory agencies network as an equal partner.
    (b)    Geographical area: Republic of Moldova
    (c)    Maximum project duration: 24 months

Eligibility: Who may apply

Only Public Administrations and Mandated bodies as per Twinning Manual of European Union MS may apply through European Union MSs’ National Contact Points.
See section 3 of the Twinning Manual:  Submission and selection of proposals. 

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