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Specific Challenge:

The key objective of the action is to contribute to the development of a privacy and data protection culture in the unmanned aircraft (UA) sector in the European countries, taking into account the specificities of the different actors - manufacturers, pilots and operators. The action is focussing only on professional non-governmental activities performed in the EU member states and addresses mainly the needs of SMEs, start-ups and entrepreneurs active in the UA field.


This action will build on and reinforce the privacy and data protection dimension of the DRONE-RULES.EU web-portal created under measure COS-WP2014-2.2-005. In order to avoid duplication with the previous action, applicants are invited to carefully review the DRONE-RULES.EU website and take due account of the material and information published.

The main aim is to develop e-learning modules and tools which will cover all relevant privacy issues and data protection principles (lawfulness, transparency, purpose limitation, data minimisation, storage limitation, integrity and confidentiality, accountability), concepts (pseudonymisation, privacy by design and privacy by default of products and processes, code of conduct, data protection impact assessment) and requirements (consent, transparency, information, access) of the recently adopted General Data Protection Regulation (EU) 2016/679 (GDPR). They will take into account specificities of national privacy regulations that may exist in the EU member states.

The e-learning material produced will result in a coherent and comprehensive course. This course should provide a common minimum training mandatory for UA professionals as well as modular and progressive training adaptable to the specificities and needs of the trainees. In addition to the e-learning material, various instruments will be developed to provide a practical and tailored support to UA operators, pilots and manufacturers in their day-to-day activities: practical recommendations, guidelines, check lists, code of conduct, etc.

The online course and a tool box will be piloted and this will allow checking the adequacy of the approach. For this purpose at least 3 onsite training sessions with the presence of consortium's experts will be organised. These training sessions will take place in 3 different EU member states having substantial UA activities. In order to ensure a comprehensive test of the draft material produced, the training sessions must involve a full range of UA operators, pilots and manufacturers active in different UA fields. Each training session should gather at least 15 trainees.

Expected Impact:

After the completion of the online course UA professionals should be able to identify the privacy and data protection issues involved in their daily business and know how to address them. The course will provide also a self-assessment tool.

The action aims to provide the following key deliverables:

  • online course consisting of different e-learning modules providing a flexible tool adaptable to the specific needs of the trainees
  • set of business oriented tools supporting the daily work of UA stakeholders

  • minimum 3 onsite training sessions

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