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Insect contamination investigations and mitigation - JTI-CS2-2017-CFP06-LPA-01-32
Date de clôture : 21 juin 2017  

 Industries aéronautiques

Specific Challenge:

The aim of the project is to experimentally evaluate long-term durable coatings mainly suitable for micro-perforated hybrid laminar flow surfaces concerning their behaviour against insect contamination occurring during flight. In the first phase hydrophobic or super-hydrophobic surfaces will be developed and durability tests with regard to rain and sand erosion resistance, resistance to QUV and to common aircraft liquids will be performed. In a second phase the insect impact behaviour of newly developed HLFC surfaces and reference surfaces will be tested under simulated environmental conditions (wind, rain, ice). In a third phase the most promising HLFC surfaces shall be performed be tested under realistic representative environment to obtain both, realistic insect contamination statistics and statistically relevant assessments of insect impacts on the improved micro-perforated HLFC surfaces in comparison to reference surfaces. . Please refer to the full and formal topic descriptions published in this call.

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