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Innovative solutions for metallic ribs or fittings introduced in a composite box to optimally deal with thermo-mechanical effects - JTI-CS2-2017-CFP06-AIR-01-27
Date de clôture : 21 juin 2017  

 Technologie aérospatiale
 Fabrication industrielle

Specific Challenge:

The objective of this CfP is to develop a thorough understanding of the thermo-mechanical behaviour of a hybrid box with composite panels but including metallic ribs or fittings. A building-up approach, from different materials CTE characterization up to the validation of a whole box assembly section, is required to develop and validate the capacity to properly modelize the thermo-mechanical effect in hybrid assemblies. Based on this developed methodology, innovative solutions will be studied for the metallic components of a composite wing-box. Please refer to the full and formal topic descriptions published in this call.

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