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fC2 Development & Acceleration Grants (FI-TECH)
Date de clôture : 2 mai 2017  

 Entrepreneuriat et PME
 Villes intelligentes
 Programme d'accélérateurs FIWARE

About the Grant

The Development and Acceleration Grants  (FI-TECH) aim to support SMEs and start-ups wishing to develop and pilot FIWARE-powered apps/solutions in the broader Smart Cities area domain and citizens' services (e.g. solutions with a low carbon or environmental benefit, city-related tourism, logistics and last-mile deliveries, etc.)

FI-TECH Grants are dedicated to SMEs and start-ups developing new FIWARE-powered apps/solutions enhancing the life of EU citizens or developing FIWARE-powered complementary apps/solutions to existing FIWARE Smart Cities solutions that have been supported by the FIWARE Phase 3 Accelerators.

FI-TECH Key Eligibility Criteria

  • Applicants must be an SME or a start-up established in a EU Member State or H2020 Associated Country.

    • What is an SME? What are H2020 Associated Countries?

  • The solution should be FIWARE-powered! Learn more about FIWARE.

FI-TECH Application Process

Applicants will be required to providence evidence of their understanding of the FIWARE technology (name and number of Generic Enablers -GEs- foreseen in the application architecture, as well as eventual intention to develop new FIWARE Specific Enablers -SEs-). Applicants will also have to provide evidence of skills and capacity of the Team developing the app/solutions.

Applicants will also be required to provide details on their initial market uptake and business model, including a 'Letter of Support' from a city, University or other institutional entity, in which they state their availability to host a trial/pilot of the application during the grant-cycle commercialisation phase.

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