EUROGIA 2020 Call for Projects
Date de clôture : 7 déc. 2017  

 Efficacité énergétique
 Énergie intelligente
 Énergie renouvelable
 Innovation & Recherche

Call description

EUROGIA2020 call for project purpose is to foster multidisciplinary, innovative, RD&D programmes to build and develop the future energy mix.

Do you want to work with partners beyond national borders, developing new products or working on pre-competitive research? Do you want to access new markets, technologies and skills? Do you want to gain recognition through your involvement in a large research project? EUROGIA2020 may be the ideal tool for you.

EUROGIA2020 has a continuous project submission process with 4 cut-off dates per year.

Eligibility criteria

  • Projects' participants must be organisations from the EUREKA Member Countries.
  • The consortium must comprise at least two industrial companies-Large, Small or Medium sized enterprises- from two different EUREKA member countries. The active participation of research institutes or universities is strongly encouraged when not made mandatory.
  • EUROGIA2020 projects must clearly show technical innovation in the future product/process or service (either through using new devices or in the utilization of existing devices in a new application). The Call for project addresses all innovative energy technologies that will, reduce the carbon footprint of energy production and use as well as develop new technologies for energy such as solar, wind, biomass, geothermal, energy efficiency, etc.

Funding details

Funding is granted via EUREKA Countries' national programmes. With the assistance of EUROGIA2020 Public Authorities Committee, Project Proposers are informed about the funding possibilities from the beginning of submission process.

The application process for a EUROGIA2020 project proposal is a two-stage submission and evaluation procedure.

  1. Complete and submit a Project Outline (PO) of maximum 15 pages.
  2. Submission of Full Project Proposal (FPP) upon successful evaluation of the PO by the Technical Commitee, and based on the feedback from relevant Public Authorities.

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