EUREKA - Switzerland – Sweden Call for Project
Date de clôture : 20 janv. 2017  

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Call description

Sweden and Switzerland are jointly announcing a bi-lateral Call for outlines for joint innovation projects under all suitable EUREKA instruments. The Call is open for all SWII topics, but focuses on the development of products and services within life sciences and smart products for automated transportation. The following subtopics have been identified:

Life Science:

  • Drug development, vaccine development.
  • Medical devices, diagnostics, biomaterials.

Smart products for automated transportation:

  • Tools for smart products: sensors and communication technologies (incl. 5G, RFID and emergency/distress communication), data management (incl. big data & simulation), quality, security & standards.
  • Smart solutions for automated transportation: tools for management of complex systems, tools for multi modal transportation, autonomous systems for smart cities incl. energy efficiency, quality, security & standards.

The call is managed by the EUREKA offices at the Swedish Governmental Agency for Innovation Systems (Vinnova) and the State Secretariat for Education, Research and Innovation (SERI) in line with the EUREKA initiative.



Eligibility criteria

  • The consortium should include at least one SME. Other partners such as large companies, research institutes and universities are welcome as additional participants.
  • The project must have an obvious advantage and added value resulting from the cooperation between the participants from the two countries (e.g. increased knowledge base, commercial leads, access to R&D infrastructure etc.).
  • The project should demonstrate the contribution of the participants from both countries in a balanced way, and the project must be significant to both countries.
  • Partners from other EUREKA countries may also participate. This requires funding from their respective home countries.


Submission and the approval procedures 

In the first phase:

  • Partners are encouraged to submit a short Project Outline.
  • The completed project outlines of the phase 1 should be submitted to the EUREKA offices in Sweden and Switzerland simultaneously (main contacts) with copy to all partners of the project outline. Submission is open between 14 September, 2016 and 20 January 2017. The submission of all relevant documents has to be done by email to the addresses listed at the end of this document (no physical documents needed).

The outlines will be screened by SERI and VINNOVA and the partners will be notified of the results within the shortest possible delay after the submission (about 2-3 weeks).  

In the second phase:

  • Partners with approved outlines will be recommended to submit their full applications to suitable EUREKA instrument (Network/Eurostars/Cluster).
  • In cases where EUREKA and Eurostars do not seem to be suitable, SERI and VINNOVA can propose other funding measures.
  • SERI and VINNOVA will assist on how to submit full applications.


Funding details

Funding support to successful project proposals of Phase 2 will be given to each partner by its own funding organization (VINNOVA in Sweden and SERI and the Commission for Technology and Innovation CTI in Switzerland) in accordance with the national laws, rules, regulations and procedures in effect. Concrete funding mechanisms depend on the most suitable EUREKA funding (Network/Eurostars/Clusters) that will be decided on in Phase 2 of the submission process.

Information on the funding mechanisms is available on the following websites:

Switzerland: Network and Cluster:; Eurostars:  

Sweden: Network:; Eurostars:; Cluster:

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