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Call for proposals for Set-up, integration and process development
Date de clôture : 17 sept. 2024  
- 66 jours

 Entrepreneuriat et PME


To address these challenges and opportunities, there is a pressing need to establish a dedicated pilot line for Photonic Integrated Circuits within Europe. This initiative will focus on advancing PIC technologies beyond the current state-of-the-art, particularly extending operational wavelengths from the near-infrared into the visible and mid-infrared spectrums. This expansion is crucial for tapping into new application areas such as biomedical imaging, quantum computing, and environmental sensing, which require specific wavelengths for optimal performance.

The proposed pilot line will serve as a critical infrastructure for bridging the gap between laboratory research and industrial-scale production, facilitating the development of reliable, scalable, and cost-effective Photonic Integrated Circuits solutions. It aims to foster collaboration among research institutions, SMEs, and large corporations across Europe, driving innovation, and accelerating the commercialization of Photonic Integrated Circuits technologies. By doing so, it will not only enhance Europe’s competitive edge in a key technological domain but also contribute significantly to the continent’s economic resilience and strategic autonomy in critical technologies.

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