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Border Management - ISFB-2016-AG-ESUR-01
Date de clôture : 17 août 2017  

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The present Call for Proposals aims at funding projects on the topic of supporting the improvement of border surveillance by enhancing cooperation between Member States in the framework of EUROSUR, including, whenever appropriate, cooperation with third countries (especially neighbouring countries).

Project applications submitted under the present Call for Proposals must address at least one of the following priorities:

(1) Exchange of the situational pictures of neighbouring external border sections

In line with paragraphs 9 and 10 of Article 9 of Regulation (EU) No 1052/2013 establishing EUROSUR, the project shall enable the national coordination centres of two or more neighbouring Member States to share with each other, directly and in near-real-time, the situational picture of neighbouring external border sections, including:

  • a) incidents and other significant events contained in the events layer;
  • b) tactical risk analysis reports as contained in the analysis layer;
  • c) positions, status and type of own assets operating in the neighbouring external border sections as contained in the operational layer.

While the project proposal needs to fully cover the requirements described in letters a) and b), the requirements described in letter c) are optional. Project proposals covering also letter c) will be given priority over projects covering only letters a) and b).

(2) Support to Member States capacities to detect and track small vessels

The project shall enable two or more Member States to improve their technical or operational capability to detect, track and intercept non-cooperative vessels in a common area of interest with a view to preventing irregular migration and cross-border crime, as well as to reducing the loss of migrants' lives at the external sea borders.

Examples for improving the technical capability are

  • Combined use of at least two different sensors mounted on at least two different platforms (e.g. satellite, remotely piloted aircraft system, maritime patrol aircraft, aerostat, etc);

  • Combined use of surveillance and communication capabilities (e.g. use of satellite communication for video streaming from the maritime patrol aircraft to the coordination centre);

  • Technical upgrade of existing radar stations (e.g. passive radar) on condition that the radar picture is shared with at least one other neighbouring Member State.

Examples for improving the operational capability are

  • Integrated situational awareness, communication and coordination support tool for use at tactical/operational level, interlinking off shore patrol assets and coordination centres of two or more Member States, allowing them to exchange information, communicate and coordinate in real-time (e.g. positioning incidents and of assets, chat, video streaming).

(3) Cooperation with neighbouring third countries

The project shall support the cooperation between two or more Member States with a neighbouring third country with a view to preventing irregular migration and cross-border crime, as well as to reducing the loss of migrants' lives at the external borders.

These activities may include actions related to

  • developing, establishing, upgrading and maintaining bi-or multilateral information exchange and cooperation;

  • regional networks;

  • equipment for centres in neighbouring third countries which are similar to the EUROSUR national coordination centres in Member States,

  • joint operations, including patrolling and surveillance activities;

  • training, studies, pilot projects.

Any actions under this Call for Proposals shall respect and shall be implemented in line with the rights and principles enshrined in the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union. Applications should pay appropriate attention to the effects of the project on individual rights and freedoms, as well as to possible remedies. In addition, any action under this Call for Proposals should comply with all relevant ethical principles and all applicable international, EU and national law on ethical issues while carrying out the project.

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