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Action grants to support national and transnational projects on non-discrimination and Roma integration - JUST/2015/RDIS/AG/DISC
Date de clôture : 12 avr. 2016  

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This call for proposals for action grants is based on the 2015 annual work programme1 of the Rights, Equality and Citizenship Programme (REC Programme)2. The call aims to co- fund national or transnational projects on non-discrimination and Roma integration in line with the specific objective to promote the effective implementation of the principle of non-discrimination on the grounds of sex, racial or ethnic origin, religion or belief, disability, age or sexual orientation, and to respect the principle of non-discrimination on the grounds provided for in Article 21 of the Charter.

Proposals should aim to produce results with EU added value.

Organisations interested in submitting applications should first read the detailed terms and conditions set out in this call for proposals and the Guide for Action Grants published together with this call and constituting an integral part of the conditions of the call.


The proposals under this call shall focus on the priority areas described below.

Applicants shall explain and demonstrate how their proposals are aligned with the respective EU policies and with the documents published by the European Commission3 and referred under the "priorities" (par. 2.1.). The degree of relevance to the priorities of the call for proposals will be assessed under the relevance award criterion.

2.1. Priority areas.

In this call, the Commission wishes to support activities which tackle at least one of the following groups at risk of discrimination: racial or ethnic minorities, persons with disabilities, older/younger people, religious minorities and LGBTI people.

The priority areas of this call for proposals are:

1. Discrimination on the ground of sexual orientation in order to improve social acceptance of LGBTI people. The activities may aim to raise awareness about and combat harmful stereotypes towards LGBTI people, organise training, mutual learning and exchange of god practices. The activities may cover specifically non-discrimination in the field of education, employment, health and/or mainstreaming social acceptance of LGBTI in other areas.

2. Diversity management in the public and private sector: identification of existing practices, research work, measurement of diversity management benefits, and awareness-

3. Roma: activities aiming to raise awareness about and combat harmful stereotypes of Roma and supporting thereby their integration into mainstream society. Identification and exchange of good practices across fields of access to education, employment, healthcare or to housing as well as anti-discrimination, protection of Roma children and women and empowerment related to Roma integration5.

4. Multiple discrimination: research work on the phenomenon, awareness-raising of its existence and consequences, identification and exchange of good practices in combating multiple discrimination.

All applications should take into account the gender dimension of discrimination. If the action(s) deal(s) with multiple discriminations, gender can be considered as a discrimination ground in addition to those mentioned above.

The priority will be given to fund at least one project in each of the above-mentioned four priority areas, subject to eligibility and reaching sufficient quality threshold under award criteria.

This call does not aim to fund projects in the area of:

  • children as victims of bullying/cyberbullying;

  • preventing and supporting victims of sexual violence or sexual harassment;

  • supporting victims of other forms of violence against children, such as domestic

    violence or abuse, trafficking, sexual exploitation or harmful practices such as

    female genital mutilation or forced marriage;

  • Racism and Xenophobia.

    For many of these areas, there will be opportunities to submit your projects under other upcoming DG Justice calls.

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