Matteo Fiori

: 2 juin 2020

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Associate professor.

 In particular, the research activity in recent years focused on three major themes:

• building envelope, with activities that deal with the definition of innovative solutions for the envelope, the analysis of behaviour over time of seamless roofs, by means of direct in situ and laboratory assessment and measurement, definition of a system of the knowledge regarding seamless roofs, analysis and performance check of technical solutions regarding green roofing systems both in their relationship with the external environment, in order to govern the interaction between microclimate and the building, and in their relationship with the built environment, in order to govern its comfort conditions and optimize energy and environmental costs in general. He has been involved in another research project since 2006, titled “Green envelope. Technology for green solutions in building envelope [roof +wall]”. The objective of the research project, which is still under way, on the green envelope (roof+wall) is to assess the effects of this technology on indoor environmental conditions as well as on outdoor conditions, and in particular, to find the mostly significant variables, with respect to the conditions of Mediterranean climate, by modelling type buildings and direct experimentation on roofs. Green roofing systems, thanks to the mass of the cultivation layer and, especially, thanks to the presence of plant species, are an appropriate tool for both absorbing energy from the environments with which they are in contact (thus reducing the so-called “heat island” and creating an element of inertia on the building surface) and for absorbing rain water limiting the impact on public sewage systems. The first quantity results obtained regard the energy performance of this solution and its significance on the summer and winter energy balance.

• building diseases, where he carried out research activities in the field of seamless roofs with specific focus on the creation of a system of the available knowledge;


Mots clés et domaine d'activité:

 Technologie de construction

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