Masuma Farooki

: 14 mai 2019

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Established in 2014, MineHutte is an independent research organisation based in London, England, with a team of international legal experts, development economists and policy experts. MineHutte has built a global resource of regulatory risk ratings and analysis for the mining sector.

I am a development economist, with over ten years of experience working on commodity related issues for developing and advanced resource-rich countries. My current focus is on the socio-economic impact of the mining industry and the development of responsible mining practices, including analysis of global value chains and industrial, trade and mineral ;

I was a lead researcher and author for the EU Horizon 2020 funded STRADE ;

Mots clés et domaine d'activité:

 Matières premières
 Ressources naturelles
 Coopération internationale
 Développement et coopération
 Droit environnementale
 Droit international
 Rédaction juridique
 Écriture académique

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