Constantin VILCU

: 14 déc. 2019

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CV – ½ page:

Last name:  VÎLCU; First name:  Constantin; Age:  65; Career path:  aircraft engineer; Current position: RS II, PhD student engineer. The experience gained during 40 years of activity in research & development, both in aeronautical domain (electric-avionics) and in the domain of industrial processes automations, represents a real and substantial support for the realization of the objectives of the proposed project. At work place I developed activities of implementation, coordination and / or management: paper and / or project manager in the aviation programs at INAV-SA; team member in MENER, INVENT programs; project manager in AEROSPATIAL, CEEX-2006 programs; team member in the environment projects in Cross Border Cooperation Program Romania-Bulgaria 2007-2013 “Common border, Common Solution”, at INCD Gas Turbines - COMOTI. From the list of the most important achievements we enumerate:

  • Realization of ECS electro-blowers automation /MENER/2004 and INOVARE/2007 Programs;
  • Automation of sleeve bearings diagnosis installation bench /INVENT/2005 Program;
  • Design and realization automation of installation for advanced materials testing to fast thermal shock, 1200°C/SECURITATE/2006 Program;
  • Screw electro-compressors maintenance ECS-10 model COMOTI;
  • Up-grade automation of installation for advanced materials testing to fast thermal shock, 1500 C°/ CEEX/2007-2008 Program;
  • Integrated system of monitoring and warning at technological risk /Romania-Bulgaria Cross-border Program /2007-2013;
  • Laboratory installation for testing the thermo-solar propulsion system / STAR-C3 2016-CDI Program / Project: „Advanced Solar Thermal Propulsion System for Increasing of Satellite Operational Life – STRAuSS”, team member.

Mots clés et domaine d'activité:

 Technologie aérospatiale
 Innovation & Recherche
 Union européenne

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