: 29 mai 2016

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  • Muthukal  Andy  Appan,
  • , mechanical engineer, Chennai. India
  • aged 74 years, 50 yrs Expert designer in Transport, Thermal power plant.
  • No Boiler. No Turbine . Andy Rotary Engine spins generator, propeller, thrust
  • Burns all fuels. Nuke, Geothermal, CSP+CPV  solar energy sources
  • Renewable Free Energy at 6000 m water depth   mn Joules/ton
  • 6 feet long tyre in 8 feet wide Truck. 100 m long single piece tyre can be done
  • Automotive "double speed, 1/3 fuel for same ton-hp, 6 x kmpl. % g/km Co2e
  • Automotive, Ship Travels in Snow, Sand, Mud, water
  • Bullet Train 1000 t, 600 kmph at 20 % cost of Maglev. mud track. no wheels
  • Ferry- 660 knot; Container, VLCC - 330 knot
  • Fare 1c/km; freight 4c/km/t; 40 c/km/teu.  ROI= 2400 %
  • Cross country ship at Nicaragua, Black sea, Caspian sea, Persian gulf, adams bridge, Jakarta, Thailand
  • Jet- 1200 kmph;, Submarine- 330 knot;, Sea Missile - 6 mach. All hollow nosed
  • FSO Oil, Gas 3 mm shell $1/bbl.  FLNG
  • Mining sand, soil, silt at spot. transport by ship at 330 knot on land, sea. dump at land store. No excavator, no truck, no rail, no crane. Spot load, store dump in land

Mots clés et domaine d'activité:

 Technologie bas carbone
 Énergie renouvelable
 Industrie automobile
 Transport maritime
 Europe créative

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