Aloysius Bongwa

: 4 mars 2020

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I am an urban management specialist (Urban management and development issues; capacity building, institutional strengthening). Focus – decentralization; fiscal decentralization, local government finance, financial aspects of PPPs, income generation; economic development. I have worked for a wide variety of multilateral and bilateral donors, as well as directly for host governments and private sector clients. I have also served as a consultant for international agencies, institutions and programmes (The World Bank, USAID, GTZ, PADCO, PHARE – The Baltic Sea Region, European Union, MATRA) on a wide range of project management, capacity building, institutional strengthening projects and provided advisory services in over twenty-one countries (developing and transitional economies) including - Albania, Cameroon, Egypt, Ethiopia, Germany, Ghana, Indonesia, Kenya, Latvia, Moldova, Namibia, Nigeria, Malawi, Morocco, Mozambique, Poland, Romania, Rwanda, South Africa, The Netherlands, Vietnam, United Arab Emirates and  ;  

I have provided technical assistance, policy advice and training in fiscal decentralization, intergovernmental transfers, local government finance, revenue mobilization and property taxation, public-private partnerships, economic and financial analysis of development projects, capital investment planning, urban planning and management. I have extensive experience in programme/project preparation, implementation and management that involve large and small multidisciplinary teams for integrated urban development and management. I have also served as project manager/coordinator of large multidisciplinary teams preparing and implementing complex integrated urban development capacity building programmes: Team Leader of the Professional Urban Management Programme, Poland; Country coordinator, the World Bank’s “Decentralization and Local Government Support Programme in Africa” - Ethiopia; Programme Manager, “Urban Management Masters Programme” – Ethiopia; Project Leader “Capacity Building for Urban Management” – Namibia; Team Leader – Elaboration of Municipal Finance Manual- Timisoara, Romania; Housing Team Leader – Ploesti, in the Building Capacity for Decentralization in Romania;  Team Leader – Capacity Building: “Harnessing the Added Value in PPPs in Infrastructure Provision in the SDAC Region” – Maputo, ; 

I am currently the “Senior Expert - Urban Finance”, at the Institute for Housing and Urban Development Studies - IHS, Erasmus University, Rotterdam, The Netherlands, is seconded to the Ministry of Local Government and Rural Development –MLGRD Ghana as the Technical Assistance Team Leader of the Ghana Urban Management Pilot Programme – GUMPP. This is a € million programme funded by the Agence Française de Développement (AFD). He continues to be involved in the training of urban managers and in providing advisory services on intergovernmental fiscal relations, local government finance, revenue mobilization, and financial management to the Government at all levels. I am also the Senior Advisor to the Secretary-General of The United Cities and Local Governments of Africa – UCLG-A

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 Gestion urbaine

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