Youth Exchange Revitalization in Small Urban Communities

il y a 11 mois

Charity foundation "Charity Fund "From Country to Ukraine"

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We are a company based in Kyiv, Ukraine and are looking for a hosting organization of a youth exchange on Revitalization in Small Urban Communities. The concept is a draft and is subject to changes depending on the partner's profile.

The participants of the project are teenagers who are interested in making changes to their communities and actively engage in citizen participation. There will be 10 participants (13-17y) from each country.

Having their own space is very important for teens. After personal space, comes common space - a place for meeting, sharing, getting to know each other and having fun. During the program, teens see how people create common spaces and integrate them into the life of the community. Exchange provides a space for communication between children of different ages and backgrounds, showing them how sharing experiences enrich their lives.

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