Why our minds metter? (youth exchange)

il y a 3 ans

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Caring for our mental health is connected with promoting our well-being, preventing mental disorders and breaking stereotipes. This is going to be the main focus point of the youth ;

The young will face different challenges and look for answers to questions such as: can we take better care of our mental health and those of others, what is mental health and why is it still considered a taboo, what is the role of psychology in it and how can we transfer all the theoretical knowledge and test it in practice. The young will take part in collecting the ideas on how to transfer the knowledge into real-life situations. They will attend different workshops on the topic of mental health care (relaxation techniques, stress, recognising one's own feelings and unwanted thoughts), prepare and execute psychological experiments (similar to the well-known National Geographic show Brain Games), meet individuals with mental disorders and try to beat prejudice about them by creating a more excepting world around us. The fact is, namely, that stigmatisation and discrimination present two of the most important factors threatening and slowing down mental health, which is why taking appropriate measures against their origins and social exclusion connected to them is extremely important in promoting social equality and improving the mental health of general ;

The target group of this proposal is youth and include people between 20 and 25 years old. We are searching for 2/3 partner organizations,  that will send 5+1 participants each.

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