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Children and youth sports centre (CYSC) “Gauja”

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Let's help adolescents from troubled families engage in the common social environment and ensure that they were able to look into the future with optimism and hope!

The age of adolescence is when teenagers form their life priorities. At that time teenagers are very easily influenced by others, and it – for example, the influence of the street – can be adverse. You can give these children a positive impulse by supporting our six-month program – a sport camp with a healthy and active lifestyle – and five-month sport activities 3 times a week. This is the period when good habits can not only be formed but also fixed for the rest of their lives.

Within half a year, 15 teens will engage in sports and actively participate in various educational, recreational and sports activities. They will feel and appreciate all the benefits of a healthy lifestyle with no room for alcohol, drugs and other psychotropic substances. They will make new friends and the active lifestyle, motivation and right inducements will gradually bear fruit.

We invite you to support these teenagers and give them an opportunity to develop, play sports and be active, cheerful and creative! This project will benefit both to adolescents and our entire society.


You can help these children stay afloat!

You can help these teens appreciate their life and make our society better!

In order for 15 children to participate in free sport activities, the amount of EUR 4, is needed.

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